Our Story

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About Us

R. N. Textile & Trims Export Oriented Fabric Manufacturer & Exporter started its journey with a vision of establishing itself as the largest textile manufacturer of quality fabrics in the world. With sustained growth over the years and an ever-expanding list of international client, it has solidified its position as a leading vertically integrated textile group in Bangladesh. Products of these textiles are being exported to buyers worldwide. We give special emphasis to high standard of quality keeping mind the buyers’ requirements. It is paramount that we ensure the highest quality to meet their needs. As a production-oriented business, we always try to maintain our lead time against buyer’s importance. Competitive prices through cost reduction. Transport facilities, Maintain chemical restriction against buyers need. We will build lasting relationship with them through best business practices. We must also collaborate with them to find innovative, cost effective and environment-friendly solutions. In compliance with the quality commitment and policy, is devoted for continuous. Improvements in all norms to cope with International Standards. All achieved affiliations, certificates and standards are reviewed time to time in a periodic manner to maintain the updated status as required by the substantive compliance audit

What We Do

R. N. Textile & Trims are subject to the most rigorous processes of quality control and are based on continuous production line testing and product quality procedures which includes adhesion, elongation and yield strength tests as well as adverse treatment and shrinkage test. Each individual product line goes through a series of high end quality control check and are precise to the very last detail..